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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Religion in the Philippines

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You can't breathe in the Philippines without seeing a statue or ediface of Jesus or Mary. For people who are 'truly blessed' you might wonder why they are so poor. Well they seem happy besides, except when they run out of money. Then there is the requirement to run to OFWs abroad to ask for a loan, which seldom gets repaid. 'Sorry bro, its been a bad week. Too much gambling and drinking. Thanks for the proceeds. All had a good time'. Quite often its the wife working abroad and the husband drinking, gambling and playing around. Not everyone mind you. Just wondering who owns these caricatures of Christ. Will the owner please put up his hand! Would the all knowing, all powerful Jesus please extend these people a loan. Sorry, but even the church can't seem to get enough. Churches around the world pay no tax, yet they still can't seem to get enough. The Saviour is short on change.
We might wonder whether we are expected to take responsibility for living. Ok. But should that not extend to ethics as well. Should we not develop our own philosophy without being extorted by Jesus. Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate the burning down of a church in Bohol some years ago. It made me wonder what their grievance was. I can't help thinking it was justified. Maybe I am remiss and it was 'natural causes'. God truly does work in mysterious ways. More paradoxical than mysterious because I see a great many churches burnt to the ground as I travel around the country. Wouldn't it be more suitable for the myth if that church near San Fernando was spared the ravages of the volcanic eruption of Mt Pinotubo about 20 years ago. I of course have a great deal to say on the ethics of religion. See my blog Religidiculous. Both hard concepts to swallow. :)

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