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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prostitution the tip of the 'big banana'

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Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and yet no police officer lifts a hand to prevent the practice...except for this token raid, which unreasonably detained foreigners. How is a foreigner supposed to know prostitution is illegal when the country so openly allows the operation of brothels in the country. This is indeed a joke. The police cannot even afford police vehicles, and yet here are these targets that have no chance to get away. Police officers need only walk in off the street....and yet nothing is done. There is something suspicious about this case. Only a club with foreigners was targeted? What? You could not find a club with Filipinos in your own country, or did you have a joke before you let the Filipinos free.
Perhaps the nation ought to start arresting police officers who fail to do their job...and fine them more than the brothel owners are paying them in kickbacks to not take action.
Better still acknowledge that your country's silly laws preclude girls (and guys) from getting 'honest' self-respecting jobs, forcing them into prostitution. The unemployment rate in the Philippines, the high corruption, the high import tariffs, the low productivity....you have some work to do...stop making foreigners scapegoats for all your problems.
The other reason I dare say prostitutes enter the trade is because they were abused by some Catholic hypocrite or because the country is one of the most materialistic nations in the world; more brand-conscious than the Japanese....who have the greater capacity to afford such treats. The reality is that the Philippines suffers from a culture of indulgence and poor institutional management or organisation. These are the places to start; not some token gesture which destroys the livelihood of Filipinos. Better paid call girls than living off the streets. They make the choices. Given the choices of your political leaders....they are at least not hurting others...at least not at face value. Just they offend your sensitivities.
The other important point is that Western countries have no 'culture of prostitution' so rife in Asia. The prostitution districts in the West would fit in a single street, but in Asia, there is an entire district in many parts of each city. Some Westerners go to Asia for a 'fling' of sorts, but prostitution in Asia is grandiose in scale because of your hypocritical cultural values, your culture of perpetrator & victim, and still more concerning, your disparity in wealth.....not to mention your frivolous, materialistic cultural values, culminating in your demand for brand names.
This is the basis for the popular acceptance, the widespread occurrence, the prospects for recruitment, the basis for indifference, the basis for kickbacks, and the basis for media hypocrisy. Your track record is not so impressive that you can afford the luxury of national pride.

Small government in the Philippines

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For those of you who are advocates of small government in the Philippines, you might want to join or support this group in Metro Manila.
There are several websites - www.minimalgovernment.net and Facebook.
There is also a group of Ayn Rand supporters in the Philippines; which provides a philosophical base for capitalism, as opposed to the pragmatic or divine arguments which are more typically used as a justification for capitalism....to bad effect. The problem of course is that a bad defense is a weak argument used by critics to erect straw arguments to defeat good arguments. Not very honest of them; but entirely practical from their short-range perspective. i.e Extorting wealth is a little more practical than creating it if you do not consider the long range implications of that compromise of principle. So join this group in the Philippines.