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Monday, February 11, 2008

Living conditions in Philippine Condos

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Living in condos tends to be alot more pleasant than elsewhere for a number of reasons:
1. Insulation: Condos are better insulated, and windows are sometimes not even designed to open.
2. Quieter: People are generally quieter in condos and strata rules are more strictly enforced.
3. Politics: Condos are located in the city, so there are no favourites. You are more likely to get equal treatment since rules are enforced impersonally.
4. Civilised: People are more civil and considerate in the city.
5. Buffer: Condo living offers 2 styles of living - high rise in which case you are often way above the noise and pollution or low-rise, in which case there is usually landscaped gardens and concrete wall giving you a buffer from the hectic, chaotic world outside.
6. Lifestyle: People in the cities tend to be more productive and active. They are not spending their time at home, but are rather out working to pay off their new condo.

Condos however can pose risks to your environment as well.
1. Edge of peace: You want to make sure you dont rent near the edge of the development because you might be next to a noisy slum area. You dont want to be next to a basketball court or swimming pool or you might be disturbed by a lot of noise.
2. Construction: You want to avoid buying or renting near a new construction site because you will find these workers are paid to work all through the night sometimes. So avoid new project sites, as the project might take a year to complete.
3. Busy roads: Avoid being close to busy roads.
4. Mixed land use: Avoid being next to slums or piggeries that might taint the air you breath.
5. Rules: You want to make sure you dont get disturbed by inconsiderate people. Find out what rules are present to protect you. I was surprised that most Filipinos care so little about their surroundings.
6. Other owners: Its worth knowing the makeup of the other owners. If the owners are OFWs they are likely buying the condo for the benefit of hundreds of relatives in the provinces. Expect them to descend on your condo pool every so often for a family party. That would be fine if there was just a few occasions. But if everyone does it, you dont want to be living next to the pool.

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