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Monday, February 11, 2008

Employing maids in the Philippines

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There is a great deal of appeal to the idea of living in the Philippines. Its true that you can get a live-in maid for P2500-3000/mth, thats $US50-60/mth, but consider the following:
1. You have to feed her - hopefully not what you are eating otherwise it could get expensive
2. You will have to train her - they really have no idea, so it will be a hands-on job. How to clean, how to cook food in the western style, how to pee straight, because they sanitary standards might not meet yours.
3. You will have to replace her - they tend to take off when they want, whether they go back to the provinces or off to see friends
4. You will have to trust her - they have a nasty habit of stealing things, taking off when you are not in the home. You dare not give them a set of your keys, but they will take off leaving your house unlocked.
5. You should avoid any personal relationships because you might end up facing extortion.

It might be better to just employ a contractor - but hide everything.

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