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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bohol development underwritten by Japanese

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The latest news is that the Japanese government has approved $570 million in aid for the Philippines to build a new airport on Panglao Island, an island connected by a bridge to the city of Tagbilaran, on the greater island of Bohol. Bohol is a growing tourist attraction, both for Filipinos and Westerners. The island has however been a relatively under-capitalised centre for resort development in the past, but that seems destined to change. The Japanese of course will be keen to reform their welfare system, and I can't help thinking they have grander plans for a 'retirement centre' for elderly Japanese. Might Bohol be a gateway for Japan? Might we in future see Filipinos offering care to Japanese retirees/invalids by day, and working in Japanese-supporting call centres by night? 
There is the added value of tourism to the Philippines. The island of Bohol has a great expanse of white sand beaches, and it helps that Cebu, another popular nearby island is also an easy connection by ferry. I fully expect that the island will become a huge exotic paradise holiday resort to mirror the development of Boracay, which is by far dominated by Filipino developers. Bohol offers far greater potential because its larger. This should add to the appeal of the place, as there will be no doubt a dispersal of developments around the coastlines of Tangbilaran City. 

What is the message to investors? Now is the time to buy a beach strip of land and build a resort. I imagine there will be a raft of opportunities for condominium developments as well. An SM or Robinsons Mall, which have long spread from the major cities, will surely be coming to the island of Panglao. 

Japan had earlier expressed interest in funding an upgrade of the Legaspi City airport; so I'm not sure what to make of this development. Perhaps the aid agency through otherwise of the opportunity given that natural disasters have been an issue of late. Legaspi City is next to Mayon Volcano. This near-perfect conical peak was probably part of the appeal, but after the Japanese tsunami, perhaps it became the reason for an aversion to the city. I've not heard more on that proposal. 

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